Pastoral Letter to EEFC Family

21 March 2020

Dear EEFC family,

With the ever-growing concern, world-wide and at home, regarding the coronavirus, I want to write to you again, to inform you of our latest measures to this pandemic.

There are a few precautionary measures we had already taken since Sunday 9 February:

  1. All persons are screened before entering the building. Ushers take your temperature before you enter and record your attendance. Ushers record contact details of any visitors.

  2. Ushers ask you if you have flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, sore-throat). If you do, you are gently asked to go home and seek medical attention. You can access our sermon recordings at

  3. Sanitize your hands upon entry, either using the church's hand sanitizer or by using your own.

  4. During communion we have moved from giving out the wafer and grape juice individually to using prepacked communion elements.

  5. During the week we sanitize all common areas of the church.

But things have changed in the last few days and we have seen a spike in confirmed cases in Singapore, due largely to many returning from overseas. Following new directives from our government, we are putting in place the following additional precautionary measures from this Sunday.

  1. If you are older, especially if you have a condition which makes you more susceptible to contracting a virus, you may want to consider not attending services for a couple of weeks. You can access our sermon recordings at

  2. One of the cautions we were given was to practice “social distancing.” If you come this Sunday, you can sit next to your spouse and children, but you should spread out and sit in less-used areas in the front and keep some space between yourself and others. Try to ensure no one is sitting directly in front of you and left and right of you try to keep a safe distance of 1 meter. While our Sunday attendance is still well below the recommended limit of 250 persons, we need to spread-out within the sanctuary.

  3. Students or anyone who returned from overseas are to stay away from church and social activities for at least 14 days.

  4. If you feel unwell or have a family member who is under SHN, please do not attend service for at least 14 days.

  5. Offering bags will not be passed. Instead, you are encouraged to put your offering in the two offering boxes we have placed on either side of the sanctuary. Online giving is also available and we would encourage you to use this opportunity to practice online giving.

These steps will not safeguard us against this virus 100% but will reduce the risk.

We are suspending services for two Sundays, 29 March & 5 April, and Maundy Thursday 9 April, and resuming on Easter Sunday (12 April). We will make arrangements to livestream the worship service on the two Sundays. I will send you the livestream link once it is set up.

The last thing any of us would want is to let a virus damage our spiritual growth or distance us from God. This is an important time for all of us to walk closely with the Lord. Don’t let panic keep you from praying. Don’t let worry keep you from reading God’s Word. Don’t let the fear of a virus keep you from loving your neighbour. And let’s guard the unity among believers, both within our fellowship and in the wider family of Christians.

Here to serve you,

Ps Shane

Download Pastoral Letter to EEFC Family (21 March 2020) in PDF here